Family eating together

Plan the Best Family Reunion for Your Relatives

A family reunion can probably be the most heartwarming event that you’ll ever go to for a year. However, the mere thought of organizing the event for a long weekend away in bed and breakfast in Fish Creek, Wisconsin can be tedious. Luckily, there are

soul food

Southern Food: How to Define Authentic Soul Food

In an age of globalization and with communication making it so much easier to share cultures across different boundaries, it’s no surprise that a lot of the things in our culture also comes from what we learn from other cultures. Some of these examples include

Luxury cruise ship sailing during sunrise

How to Properly Pack for Your LDS Holy Land Cruise

Going on a trip, especially a spiritual one is fulfilling and fun. Not only will you be able to de-stress from work and all other stressors, but you will also get to fill your soul with the spiritual things that you would be seeing and


Enjoy Melbourne, Australia’s Culture Capital

Melbourne is a highly regarded culture capital of Australia. It reigns supreme in the southern part of the country, featuring chic cafés, elite shopping spots and an extensive range of Victorian-era inspired structures. It is a destination worth visiting and including in your travel bucket

Friends dancing at the bar

How to Act Properly in a Bar

Going out with friends is always fun, especially when you celebrate in restaurants and bars. Drinks with friends is always a good idea, and people always seem to have fun when there is a little bit of alcohol and food involved (as long as you

Couple at the tour bus

Living and Studying in London: Your Basic How-to-Guide

There you are arriving in London’s Heathrow Airport, excited to experience the city as part of your studying and living abroad. But what many students often forget is to choose the right student accommodations in London. There are student flats and student hostels that you


Enjoying Singapore’s Food Scene: Where’s the Best Place to Eat?

For years now, Singapore has been known for its economic prowess. Many experts consider the city-state as one of the most progressive countries in the world economically. However, more than just it being a giant in terms of developments and advancements, there’s something more interesting

Catering tasting session

A Caterer’s Guide to Holding Tasting Sessions

Marketing a restaurant or a catering business is not always as easy as it seems. You will be compelled to come up with ways that will draw in customers, some of which are not easy. While you may have an impression that things are easy

Girl Holding an Ice Cream on a Cone

The Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream

Having a scoop or two of ice cream can be such a delight, even if there’s no occasion for you to celebrate. And if you’re the type of person who really loves sweets, it’s nice to know that some stores even offer ice cream and

Foods To Eat For Breakfast

9 Foods To Eat For Breakfast

It’s universal knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is true because it nourishes the body and brain after the nighttime fast, hence the name. Because our body does not consume anything for long hours, we become famished. And the

Herbal Teas

6 Varieties of Herbal Teas and How They Can Help You

These days, people have become significantly more conscious with their health and well being. Everyone is consistently looking for ways to naturally improve their health. Some people choose to stick to specific diets, or drinking food supplements to achieve their wellness goals. While these are

Healthy Diet

Why Is It So Difficult To Maintain a Healthy Diet

In this age, people have now become more conscious of their lifestyle choices and how their eating habits affect their bodies in the long run. This is why many decide to switch to an absolute healthy diet to reap its benefits such as weight loss,